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We are pleased to announce the winners of the British Security Awards recognising security officers and companies working to keep people, property and places professionally protected during the last 18 months.

You can also access all the winner information in our British Security Awards 2024 Souvenir programme.

Congratulations to you all!

The 2024 winners are:

Service to the Customer: Gill Yardley, MAN Commercial Protection
Since starting with MAN Commercial Protection in 2017, Gill has made an extraordinary impact with her incredible work ethic and passion. Gill has brought energy, enthusiasm and knowledge; her extensive operational knowledge means that she can seamlessly deliver two roles in one – both in commercial and customer relationships.

Best Team: Templars Square Security Team, Westgrove Group

The tremendous work of the Templars Square team not only protects the shopping centre, but the local area surrounding it; assisting the public and remaining calm and professional even in provoking situations. Despite some harrowing incidents, from muggings, knife crime, gang fights, suicide attempts and attacks against the team, they support one another and excel in their profession to the highest level.

Outstanding Act: Martyn Ward, Bidvest Noonan

Martyn is being recognised for aiding a member of the public who was overdosing, swiftly initiating CPR and restoring the pulse of the patient until paramedics took over. Martyn’s quick thinking and extensive first aid training helped save a person’s life.  

Security Manager of the Year: Tom Meredith, Mitie 

Under Tom’s guidance, his team has maintained a flawless record of 100% SLA compliance over the past year without incurring any financial penalties and has also been recognised for developing comprehensive training materials to deepen his team’s understanding of mental health; driven by his compassion and care.

Gaby Hutchinson Award: Caitlyn Turner, Lodge Service 
Caitlyn joined Lodge Service a year ago as an apprentice, and her dedication and remarkable aptitude has enabled her to complete the entire apprenticeship in record time, finishing early and scoring top marks.  Her passion for the security field and incredible drive, along with her welcoming and energetic aura also recently helped to score a contract that ensured future success at a difficult time.


People, Property Places: Professionally Protected Recognition: Enadeghe Nosakhare, STM Group
Enadeghe’s remarkable thinking skills de-escalated a crisis with a distressed female trying to access the platform. Remaining vigilant when the woman refused to heed their warnings, Enadeghe pulled the woman away from endangering herself when attempting to throw herself in front of an oncoming train, saving her life.


Apprentice of the Year: Terry McJimpsey, SecuiGroup
Terry’s journey with SecuriGroup has been nothing short of extraordinary. From his initial steps as an apprentice to his current role as Operations Centre Supervisor, Terry has consistently demonstrated a level of skill and commitment that has not only elevated his own career but has also significantly contributed to the success of the organisation.

Management Excellence: Beth Davies, Galliford Try Asset Intelligence
Beth’s journey, from academic brilliance to outstanding performance in the security industry, showcases her determination to excel, and demonstrates the viability of careers in security for women. She exemplifies the qualities sought in an exceptional advocate for diversity and technical excellence.


Excellence in Leadership: Iain McCallister, MAN Commercial Protection
Iain lives and breathes security; such rich personal experience allows him to be empathetic to the needs of his 1500-strong workforce, and has earned him their utmost respect, which is crucial for a business leader. Iain always leads by example and is an inspiration to his SLT, Head Office team and officers in the field.

Mental Wellbeing Initiative: Westgrove Group
A founding patron of the Mind over Mountains charity with founder Alex Staniforth, Westgrove Group are being recognised for the mental health and wellbeing support it provides for its colleagues throughout the UK, providing free access to services, events and retreats which have proven to be a fantastic opportunity for them to walk, talk and find stillness in nature.

EDI Champion: G4S 

The objective of G4S’s mission is to touch one million people’s lives through social recruitment, which has resulted in the successful placement and retention of over 70 candidates from under-represented and minority groups to date and has heavily contributed to G4S’s programme to deliver over £1m in social value per year. 

Environmental Project: SecuriGroup

The SecuriGroup Forest is a century-long project aimed at diminishing our carbon footprint for future generation, planting over 2,000 native trees in a commitment to sequester over 300 tonnes of CO₂ over the next century, whilst preserving ecosystems, promoting biodiversity, and protecting indigenous wildlife. 



SME of the Year: Fenix Monitoring 
Staying true to its core values and customer principles, Fenix maintain a consistent annual growth averaging 53%, whilst reinvesting in its staff through training and initiatives and providing new services such as vehicle tracking and custom energy-saving solutions; a supporter of charitable organisations and social enterprise, Fenix also plan to assign 5% of profits in coming years to continue these efforts.


Business of the Year: Mitie
Mitie is committed to training, apprenticeships and development, which has contributed to its position as a top employer in the Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers Index, whilst increasing its NPS from +28 in 2021 to +51 and achieving a 95% customer retention rate, showcasing that the company’s strength in its intelligence, technology, and people philosophy is driving enhanced customer service and satisfaction.



Best Use of Technology: Dyson Technology 
Through the seamless integration of AI-powered analysis of camera feeds and access control systems, Dyson have established a sophisticated framework for autonomous advanced anomaly detection that consistently exceeds 97% accuracy. Utilised across its global sites, this system has not only allowed them to reduce the need for extensive staff in these locations but also provides the ability to proactively monitor previously unguarded sites.

Innovative Security Project: Commend UK 
Working with the Docklands Light Railway to improve platform and commuter safety, Commend UK are being recognised for its innovative AI vision solution to monitor people on track, abandoned luggage and overcrowding, deploying its private cloud-based platform across a secure VPN, meaning no interruption to existing Video Management and sending an alarm with visual playback and data on event type, location and urgency level.

Installer of the Year: SecuriGroup Systems
Requiring an advanced solution for warehouse security, WH Malcolm collaborated with SecuriGroup to install diverse security systems in a tight time restraint. This security solution provided comprehensive security, enhanced operational efficiency and solved concerns of safety and security of stored goods.

National Partnership: Galliford Try Asset Intelligence

Supporting the UK Water Industry to deliver large programmes through a partnership model, Galliford Try has created a cohesive network that leverages collective expertise and resources.  Its team of experienced and vetted professionals support capital upgrades of any scale, saving the industry millions per year, eliminating regulator penalties for non-compliance. 

Contribution to the Industry: Shaun Kennedy, Securitas UK

Starting his career in the industry as a security officer, Shaun has risen to the heights of Chief Operating Officer and is well-respected and highly motivated, bringing a wealth of experience as a proven leader, demonstrating knowledge, leadership and resilience - a true ambassador committed to improving perceptions of the function and value of the sector and unafraid to challenge the status quo.

Industry Bravery: James Goodram, Post Office



Chairman's Award: Ken Meanwell, NPCC



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