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Tell us your story: Service to the Customer

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Customer service is not always about phone calls and being put on hold for help. The British Security Awards are back to honour those who have given an outstanding service and have potentially prevented crimes through vigilance in the line of duty.

Our runners up showed us all what service can look like through a positive reflection of humanity.

Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Their actions included a speed awareness initiative, outstanding customer relations, professionalism during difficult situations (robberies, shoplifters, injuries) and avoiding near death experiences, by narrowly missing a bus in pursuit of a criminal.

Here’s a list of last year’s nominees: Matt Bolger, Securitas UK, Allan Morris, MAN Commercial Protection; Ramraj Sooknanan, Securitas UK; Paula Casey, Robinson Services; Douglas Crabbe, SecuriGroup; Mohammed Rashid Ibrahim, SecuriGroup; Stephen Hall; Nicholas Rose, Westgrove Group.

But only one could take the crown and 2018’s Service to the Customer Award went to  Silas Bogyere, SecuriGroup. Our winner shows his compassion by training teams and raised a whopping £20,000 for charities in multiple fundraising schemes. During the Grenfell Tower disaster Silas quickly updated the client and SecuriGroup on what had happened and worked to provide assistance to the affected community. He raised over £1,000 whilst collecting and dropping off essentials to victims on the same day. Silas is an incredible asset to the company, client and the wider industry.

Does someone at your organisation go above and beyond their job description to ensure service is at its top level? Nominate them now for the British Security Awards 2020 #TellUsYourStoryBSA

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