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Management Excellence - your finalists for 2024

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Martin Tweed & Holly Hunt Dyson

The Security Operations department is an in-house function supporting global business. From design inception to the retail market, Martin & Holly have a critical role to play in ensuring the secrecy of new product design remain confidential often over many years. This is achieved by the positive security culture the two have created, expanding to the wider business. 

Beth Davies Galliford Try Asset Intelligence

Beth’s journey, from academic brilliance to outstanding performance in the security industry, showcases her determination to excel and demonstrates the viability of careers in security for women. She exemplifies the qualities sought in an exceptional advocate for diversity and technical excellence. 

George Anderson Galliford Try Asset Intelligence

George demonstrates exceptional knowledge, understanding and communication skills of the security industry, managing stakeholders with a high of confidence at the age of 24.  He inspires and motivates his project team, fostering a collaborative and high-performing work environment. 

Daniel Pike NG Bailey

Daniel’s ongoing commitment to maintain and improving industry standards has seen him praised by company directors for his work by creating a safer business environment with the view of applying a better security culture. Through his work involving EDI and mental health matters, his progressive approach to the security industry showcases his compassion and care for a safer future. 

James Doran ZAM FM

James has exemplified management excellence within the business through his exceptional leadership, dedication to employee empowerment, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction have set a benchmark for excellence in our industry. James created a culture of confidence and competence among our staff, helping them deliver an exceptional service. 

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