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Gaby Hutchinson Award (Best Newcomer) - your finalists for 2024

Remembering Gaby: Find out more about our industry colleague


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Rehan Uddin Mitie

After recently joining the B&Q team in a busy London store, Rehan has proved himself as someone with a driving passion for the security industry, maintaining a positive attitude as he serves as a physical deterrent. He meticulously reports all incidents, including the prevention of organised crime; and was even selected as an interviewee on Radio 4’s File on 4 programme. 

Paul Wheatley MAN Commercial Protection

Paul has patrolled over 1186 hours, interacting with 23197 in just 12 short months on the TSO team; significantly impacting the community he guards. In particular, Paul has reached out to local schools and led an operation to improve the safety of public transport by demonstrating the consequences of misbehaviour.  

Stacey Whitehead Mitie

As an Online Fraud analyst, Stacey has shone a light onto the risks of online fraud, which is often overlooked. Her can-do attitude and constant striving for improvement means she has developed processes that yield an incredible ROI for clients, identifying various fraud techniques and using data analysis to prevent further incidents from occurring.  

Caitlyn Turner Lodge Service

Caitlyn joined Lodge Service a year ago as an apprentice, and her dedication and remarkable aptitude has enabled her to complete the entire apprenticeship in record time, finishing early and scoring top marks.  Her passion for the security field and incredible drive, along with her welcoming and energetic aura, has saved the business; scoring a contract that ensured future success at a difficult time.

James Jordan Rafferty Mitie

James joined the Sainsbury’s account in late 2022, and since has successfully managed a team of 17 people to deliver impressive results. His communication and investigative skills have ensured comprehensive service for the client; even drastically improving responses to body-worn camera activations by 50%. His unwavering support for colleagues and his team alike are excellent.

Paul McCue Securitas UK

Since his arrival as Security Manager in 2023, Paul has identified major areas for improvement including evaluation of the fire process, identifying the need for staff on site and subsequently completing a detailed business plan to support his case for these changes. He constantly goes above and beyond what is expected of him, demonstrating his commitment to safety.

Steven Jackson OCS Group

Steven joined the Centre:mk team a year ago, fostering personal growth and a rewarding career due to his driving passion of a secure future for society. As a self-motivated individual, he has a keen eye for detail and excels under pressure, exemplifying the qualities in a security professional. His calm and compassionate nature has saved lives.  

Leslie Smitherman Securitas UK

Despite a lack of prior security experience, Les has not only learned all aspects of the job but undergone training to vastly improve his skills and further understand his day-to-day role. He keeps up to date with the latest advancements, implementing preventive measures and showcasing unwavering dedication to delivering excellent customer service.

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