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Outstanding Act - your finalists for 2024


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Sarah Razaq Bidvest Noonan

Sarah became a source of hope and comfort for a distressed woman atop a railway viaduct, using a gentle approach to talk to her about her stresses and calmly ensuring the woman felt talked to and cared for. Ultimately, due to her genuine actions, Sarah stopped the young woman from taking any drastic actions and further reached out to relevant EMT to help the woman on a path to recovery. 

Carl Adams Westgrove Group

Off-duty in November, Carl spotted a bundle of something near a store wall. Instead of ignoring the suspicious incident, he investigated and found an unresponsive teenage girl. He immediately contacted emergency services, and the girl was taken into hospital for recovery. CCTV reviews showed numerous vehicles driving by, and groups of people walking past before Carl’s arrival. His compassion, even off-duty, saved a life.

Tony Cuthbertson ABM

An incident in September saw a male climb high-level fencing to access the seventh floor of a car park; however, the male had caught himself on the fence and was left hanging in mid-air. Tony, the first officer on the scene, used quick-thinking skills to secure the male, looping his own belt around him. His unrivalled composure saved a man’s life, keeping him safe until rescue services arrived.

Matthew Hook OCS Group

On shift, Matthew encountered a young couple who appeared distressed. Concerned about their wellbeing, Matthew collaborated with authorities to check for a missing person’s report; and upon discovering their situation and discovering they would be spending the night on the streets, he personally funded for them to stay in a hotel before ensuring they reconnected with a friend the following day. 

Martyn Ward Bidvest Noonan

In October 2023, Martyn aided a member of the public who was overdosing, immediately calling 999. As the matter escalated, he swiftly initiated CPR, restoring the pulse of the patient until paramedics took over. Martyn’s quick thinking and extensive first aid training helped save the woman’s life. 

Jamie Preston-Sellars Westgrove Group

Jamie’s compassion and patience helped save the life of a young man in Spring 2023. When receiving a report of a male on the 5th floor of a car park to the control room, Jamie sympathised with the young man and shared coping methods and calming him down, able to get him to speak with police officers. His own trauma enabled him to make a positive impact and save a life.

Sheffield Job Centre Team G4S

On the last full working day before Christmas 2023, the team at Cavendish Court’s Job Centre encountered a serious incident with an armed and injured individual. With a calm approach, the team provided first aid to the individual, aiding other people within the building; and carefully removed the weapon. Body surveillance footage from the event was also used during trial. 

Steven Hart Mitie

During his shift at Sainsbury’s, Steve received a police notification about a missing three-year-old, who had lost contact with her parents. He found the girl near the store; approached by an unidentified man who claimed to be a police officer. As he would not show his ID, Steve took the girl to her safety inside the store and contacted the police. His quick thinking and superb decision-making skills prevented a child from being at risk.

Enadeghe Nosakhare STM Group

Enadeghe’s remarkable thinking skills escalated a crisis with a distressed female when preventing her from purchasing a ticket and accessing platforms. Remaining vigilant when the woman refused to heed their warnings, Enadeghe pulled the woman away from endangering herself when attempting to throw herself in front of an oncoming train, saving her life. 

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