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Kyle Farrelly-Reid - Westgrove Group

Allison Dibben - Securitas UK

Jack Davenport - Westgrove Group

Rustam Khan - Mitie

Sophie Cairney - Securitas UK

Daniel Williams - Mitie

Aimee McCall - Lodge Service

James Mackintosh - Openview

Mohammed Nayeem - Mitie

Kyle Sands - Westgrove Group

Neil Logan - G4S

Ryan Griffin - Westgrove Group

Roy Jory - G4S

Adrian McAuley - Bidvest Noonan

Babar Awan- Lodge Service

Jade Dyer and Megan McLetchie - G4S

Mark Taffurelli, Dale Underwood, David Marlow, Luke Axon

- Securitas UK

Rodney Gould- Westgrove Group

Daniel Soltysiak, Cole Durrant, Shahnawaz Akram, Paul Castle, Mark Lister, Abdul Akram - Securitas UK

Damon Kosmalski Pearson- Westgrove Group

Maksymilian Orysiak, Oskar Orysiak & Leon Orji

- Securitas UK

Volodymyr Soshka & Malone Hamilton - Bidvest Noonan

Imran Hanif - Westgrove Group

Asa Abraham - Westgrove Group

Helen Baglee - Mitie

Steven Peterson - Bidvest Noonan

Derren Fitton - H&A Protection Services

Natwest Security Team - G4S

Ashley Manners - G4S

Primark Security Team - Lodge Service

Margaret Rudge - Bidvest Noonan

James Gifford- G4S

Farzan Molaei  - SecuriGroup

Chiswick Park Security Team - Allied Universal

Roger Mitchell - MAN Commercial Protection

Mohammed Banaris - G4S

Andrew Ackers - Securitas UK

Ross Harvey - Fuse Fire and Security

Martin Smith - G4S

Allison Dibben - Securitas UK

Martin Paton - SecuriGroup

Rhoni Ikhide - Securitas UK

Jason Husk - Mitie

Bill Russell - Bidvest Noonan

Louise Martin - Securitas UK

Kelly Raines - Bidvest Noonan

Danny Varao - Corps Security

Selectamark Security Systems - Cheshire Constabulary, Operation Shield
Galliford Try Asset Intelligence & STM Group - Pushing industry boundaries through collaboration  & partnership
Lodge Service International -  SaBA days in conjunction with Darren Conway Lodge Service, National Business Crime Centre, and Iona Blake, Boots
Safer Security Group - Balfour Beatty PLC
CSL Group - CSL Connected (Orisec)

G4S - JLL National Portfolio

Bradbury Group
Selectamark Security Systems PLC
RMS (Remote Monitoring Services)
Rydal Security
Link CCTV Systems
Ajar Technology

Commend UK - Greater Anglia  Help Point Upgrade
Mitie - Project Crystal Ball
Mitie Limited - National Intelligence
Communication Centre

Lodge Service - CCTV Centralisation Project
Safer Security Group - Safer Pod S1
Bidvest Noonan - Transforming Daily Occurence Logging
BigChange - Macaw Security Solutions
Zitko Group - Zitko Talent
SoloProtect - 
The next generation of lone worker safety devices
Security Monitoring Centres UK & Ireland - Touch 2.0

Loomis UK Ltd - Reducing our CViT carbon footprint
STM Group  - 
Leading Sustainability for the Future

Selectamark Security Systems PLC - James A Brown 
BBC/Mitie - Nigel Brown 
Fuse Fire & Security- Ross Harvey 
G4S Secure Solutions (UK) Ltd - Nicholas Batchelor
Corps Security - Mike Bluestone 
Lodge Service International - Darren Conway 
OpenView Security Solutions - John Simpson
Fuse Fire & Security - Ross Harvey 
G4S - Alistair Mcbride - Nuclear Director G4S

Andrei Puscasiu, Ben Elliot & Cameron Dick - TDS

Lauren Haddock - ATG Access
Chris Carrington - Mitie Fire and Security Systems
Mohammad Idrees & Mariam Biashvili - OCS Group
William Nakedi - Ajar Technology


STM Group
Galliford Try Asset Intelligence
Corps Security
Mitie Security
Lodge Service International
MAN Commercial Protection
Bidvest Noonan
Group Security@Dyson

Commend UK - Northern Rail Disabled W/C Pod
Corps Security - VR Training
Mitie Limited - Project Union – Suicide Prevention Strategy
Pyronix - CarDefender
Bidvest Noonan - Vertical Heatmapping
CSL Group - Digi AirPro 3 

Peoplesafe - Peoplesafe/SureCam Integration
SoloProtect - Touchscreen Device Range
DeterTech - DeterTech Smartspray and fog solution for Superdrug
G4S - G4S AIL Transport Project
Ajar Technology - Manchester Housing Association migration to cloud based CCTV
FSI Europe Ltd - Exercise Dark Sleeper

Galliford Try Asset Intelligence
Securitas Technology
Mitie Fire & Security Systems
Link CCTV Systems

Bradbury Group - Cost of living: supporting our employees
STM Group & Galliford Try Asset Intelligence - Building Pathways to Success for the next generation
Galliford Try Asset Intelligence - Secure Futures
Securitas UK - BSH and Slated Row School
Corps Security - UCL/Corps Security Recruitment Drive
Vespasian Security - Building a Promising Future for Local Communities
Live-in Guardians - Live-in Guardians

STM Group  - One Team Philosophy
Galliford Try Asset Intelligence The Team 
Corps Security - Corps Together
Allied Universal - Lindsay Batoryk

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