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National winners 2019


Best Newcomer  
Lauren Summers, VSG


In the short time she has been in her role as an Intelligence Researcher, Lauren has mastered the techniques required to assist more experienced Intelligence Analysts with information gathering of threats and risks. She is well on track to becoming an intelligence analyst and has surpassed expectations in her service delivery to her client and is seen as a highly valued member of the team.

Presented by Steve Collier, Camberford Underwriting

Best Use of Technology
Jim Mills for Project Vision, G4S


Jim is being recognised for Project Vision, which was a careful extension of the CCTV to 100% coverage, and the introduction of monitoring and reactive processes. The team can now proactively follow suspicious parties and also carry out retrospective investigations. Jim identified an issue, worked up a solution and used his initiative and experience to develop new technology.

Presented by Steve Collier, Camberford Underwriting


Outstanding Act
David Rutwaza, G4S

David is being recognised for three truly outstanding acts: protecting a PCSO from a hammer assault whilst sustaining serious injury to himself,  defending and then delivering first aid to an OAP after a brutal gang attack whilst taking numerous blows in the process and finally for talking down a suicidal girl from a bridge and attending to her until her parents arrived.

Presented by Steve Collier, Camberford Underwriting

Service to the Customer  
Steve Allen, Westgrove Group


Steve is being recognised for his commitment to assisting his client with reducing energy consumption and increasing waste recycling, resulting in a reduction of electricity consumption by over 30% as well as cutting their landfill to zero waste. Steve has also presided over a 62% drop in anti-social behaviour in the shopping centre, bucking trends for the city.

Presented by Steve Collier, Camberford Underwriting


Best Team
Eurostar Security Team, Mitie


The team are being recognised for exceptional levels of teamwork, from their work on disability awareness, E-gate management, disruption support and in dealing effectively with major incidents. The team interact with people from across the world, adapting to all languages, ethnicities and religions, showing a real commitment and skill to adapt and a passion to provide a great service. 

Presented by Steve Collier, Camberford Underwriting


Apprentice of the Year
Sam Howard, EFT Systems


Sam is an apprentice with EFT Systems who are in no doubt about his commitment to the industry - he has excelled throughout college and in EFT's training academy. Sam is already installing competently in his second year and recently completed his flagship installation at Leeds Armouries, installing a brand-new EMS fire alarm to the value of £345,000.

Presented by Max Linnemann, NSI

International Partnership
Sentinel Connect, Concept Smoke Screen


Concept Smoke Screen worked with ASB in Holland to create ‘Sentinel Connect’, a simple and effective solution for the Brazilian market that uses IP enabled fog generators directly linked to monitoring services that can self-diagnose and act as a standalone security system, with even the option to ‘dial in’ remotely via smartphone to manage the system.
Presented by  Chris Lane, Securitas UK

National Partnership
Next Generation Security Initiative, Volunteer Police Cadets/The Security Institute


The Next Generation Initiative has given young people a unique insight into the world of security that otherwise would not have been available. Already over 150 young people have taken part and been given the opportunity through industry collaboration to choose a career path in one of the many diverse businesses in the security sector, helping to set the foundations for the next generation of security professionals.
Presented by Andy Massey, Innovise


Innovative Security Project
SelectaDNA, Selectamark Security Systems


SelectaDNA tagging spray is an innovative product that deters and prevents personal attack and criminal behaviour, including moped and motorcycle enabled crimes, and has been a major factor in the reduction in the number of times scooters were used to commit crime, leading to numerous arrests and successful convictions.
Presented by Andreas Rex, Intersec

SME of the Year
CSL Group

CSL Group are market leaders in providing secure connectivity solutions to the Fire, Security, Telecare Sectors, and in 2018 the acquisition of WebWayOne Ltd, enabled them to enhance with new software capabilities, underpinning their international growth ambitions and to develop products such as their quick and reliable 4G connectivity solution the CSL Router.
Presented by Sir Keith Povey, BSIA President


Business of the Year
Securitas UK


In the last 12 months, Securitas UK was officially recognised as a Top Employer by the Top Employers Institute for its commitment to delivering exceptional people management and was also awarded Business Superbrand status. As a Living Wage Foundation Service Provider, Securitas are working towards a real living wage for all officers by 2020 as well as working to achieve a greater gender diversity. 

Presented by Adam Jackowski, TrackTik


Contribution to the Industry
Andy Gilmore, AAI Security Systems


Andy has played a major role on a number of security committees over the years and his knowledge and understanding has proved important in adding both value to these committees and the wider security industry. With a clear understanding of what is required to deliver a quality service, Andy’s commitment to the industry has helped in raising standards by demanding the best from all parties involved.
Presented by Simon Young, IFSEC International



SaferCash Industry Bravery Award
Surrendra Chongbang – Loomis


Surrendra is being recognised today for his actions during a raid where he delayed the attackers gaining entry into the Bastian Unit even though his colleague had a hand gun held to his head, and then delayed opening the safe unit of the ATM, again although under the threat of being shot.

Presented by Sarah Staff, BSIA


SaferCash Public Bravery Award
Krzysztof Gaki, Domas Bagdonavicius and Radu Brad

The three winners were awarded for their role in chasing and apprehending a criminal who had attacked and robbed a cash courier in North London.





Chairman's Award
David Snook
The Chairman's Award was collected on behalf of David Snook by Chairman of Skills for Security, Tony Allen.

Service to the Customer - Steve Allen.JP
Apprentice of the Year - Sam Howard.JPG
International Partnership - Concept Smok
National Partnership - Security Institut
Innovative Security Project - Selectamar
SME of the Year - CSL.JPG
Business of the Year - Securitas.JPG
Contribution to the Industry - Andy Gilm
Industry Bravery - Surrendra Chongbang.J
Public Bravery - Radu Brad et al.JPG
Chairman's Award - David Snook presented
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