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Tell us your story: outstanding act

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During the course of the working day security personnel have be on hand and ready for all situations, including on occasion the most challenging and frightening of incidents. The British Security Awards are there to celebrate achievements within the security sector and one category which stands out is the award for Outstanding Act.


The incidents this award recognises may not arise often, but in these cases security personnel are tested to apply their skills, initiative and speedy responses in potentially dangerous situations.

Last year was no different and included many an outstanding act of bravery and intuition. Nominees thwarted many a crime and injury to others or even saving a life. Thank you all the regional winners and finalists last year: VSG, Securitas UK, Man Commercial, Westgrove Group and  Sword Security -  your stories and outstanding acts are truly valued.

There could only be one winner though, Nasir Ahmed from Mitie.

Nasir was faced with an aggressive member of the public threatening to commit suicide by pouring petrol on himself and the surrounding areas. He quickly evacuated the area and tackled him to the ground, removing the lighter to stop him from doing serious damage to himself and others. With little regard for his own safety Nasir’s quick thinking not only saved a life but also undoubtedly prevented a much more serious incident. His ability to remain calm and act quickly and professionally proved key in ensuring no lives were lost.  Congratulations to Nasir Ahmed, Winner of Outstanding Act 2018.

Have you or a colleague done something outstanding whilst at work? You could be the winner of this year’s Outstanding Act 2020. Nominations are now open now

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