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Tell us your story: International Partnership Award

How can you embody the capability of the UK security industry in world class security export projects? In 2018 we presented Elmdene International with the International Partnership Award.

The project ‘Power over Ethernet Ultrapod’ covered one of the world’s most iconic buildings The Louvre in Abu Dhabi.


The job involved installing an access control system to protect some of the most historic and priceless artefacts on display. Working with their overseas partners, Integrator, the Power over Ethernet Ultrapod covers over 300 door locations and was deployed due to its ability to fit in with the aesthetics of the building and the fact that it can be successfully controlled by SLA batteries.

It seems easy to simple to think whilst representing the British security industry that British standards show excellence. But when organisations recognise British Security internationally it validates and corroborates our reputation as an industry and the standards set.

Demonstrating British security excellence abroad is an amazing act which should be celebrated. Nominations are now open for BSA 2020. #TellUsYourStoryBSA

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