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Tell us your story: Bravery (public)

This was awarded to a member of the public, Amanda Bunn for her incredibly brave and ingenious actions in thwarting the theft of an ATM machine in South West London. The incredible act of bravery was caught on camera by both the winner and local CCTV.

A blatant and serious theft was about to take place by at least five suspects armed with sledgehammers. Without any consideration for passers-by, their plan was to steal the ATM containing a considerable amount of money.

Instead of continuing to film, Amanda crossed the road, whilst her partner phoned the police. The preoccupied driver of the vehicle which was to be used to transport the stolen ATM was helping his accomplices to move it into position. Amanda was able to reach into the car and take the keys out of the ignition before running back across the road. It soon became clear to the offenders that they had no means of transport available to carry such a heavy object, and no doubt after much shouting and panic the gang drove off in another getaway vehicle, empty handed, abandoning the ATM and the now key-less vehicle.

This reveals a whole new meaning to stopping thieves in their tracks. Do you know of a member of the public who has shown an incredible act of bravery? Nominations for BSA 2020 are open #TellUsYourStoryBSA.

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