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Tell us your story: Apprentice

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Being an apprentice means learning a new set of skills and committing to a new role in a new industry. In 2018 the winner of the Apprentice Installer award showed a level of commitment over what might normally be expected of someone at this stage of their career. This earned the respect of everyone in the organisation they work for, right up to company directors, who have placed a high level of trust in the abilities of our winner.

Jamie Royal left school knowing that he wanted to do something practical, so he applied to Vigil Security. After being promptly offered an apprenticeship he is progressing well towards his ambition to be a lead engineer. He is an excellent ambassador for his company, regularly working abroad on his own with blue chip clients such as Ralph Lauren, Prada, Philipp Plein and Mont Blanc.

Do you have an Apprentice who deserves recognition for their efforts? Nominations are now open 

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