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SME of the Year - your finalists for 2024


Official 2024 sponsor

ARC Monitoring

With the aim to revolutionise customer reporting to ensure CCTV customers received real reports from real people, Arc Monitoring created a tailor-made action plan to ensure for all possible alarm conditions. Through this, the company has seen steady growth, presenting unique reports to their customer base.  

Arana Security

Taking pride in the best quality of service and latest advancement in security solutions, the Arana Security team craft customised applications for client needs, with functional and robust security measures. They are setting a pioneering standard with the development of BioWave, leading the industry with their forward-thinking innovative solutions. 

Broadstone Risk

Broadstoke Risks are driving remarkable growth and setting new industry benchmarks with global and national reach. With social media intelligence, their initiative has exemplified the ability to translate cutting-edge technology into actionable intelligence. Their leadership and operational success have positioned them as a preferred security partner for high-profile clients worldwide. 


Bradbury Group

As a family-owned business, Bradbury Group have consistently demonstrated their commitment to delivering high-quality security doors to their customer base. Committed to safety, sustainability, community and quality, the Bradbury Group team have significantly grown their business – adapting to domestic and international markets. 

Enteles Search

When it comes to the diversity of client security and investigative teams, Enteles Search has continuously raised the bar. Through mentorship schemes, new prosperous clients, a commitment to ED&I and life-long relationships with their client base, the company has improved their candidate database by 180% in the past year. 


Fenix Monitoring

Staying true to their core values, Fenix maintains a consistent average growth whilst reinvesting its staff through training and initiatives and providing new services such as vehicle tracking and custom energy-saving solutions. A keen supporter of charitable organisations and social enterprise, they also plan to assign 5% of their profits in coming years to continue these efforts.  


StrongGuard Security

Through exceptional sales performances in the past year, the StrongGuard Security team have showcased their excellence with significant improvement in market dynamics, delivering high value to their clients. Poised for growth and success, the team have celebrated successes including NSI Gold status.  


Through their commitment to innovation, employee development and customer satisfaction, ZAM FM has made remarkable strides in leveraging technology to enhance their operations. With a commitment to ED&I, the company aims to grow and develop their innovative approaches not just across their business, but across the entire security industry. 

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