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Security Manager of the Year - your finalists for 2024


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Tom Meredith Mitie

Under Tom’s guidance, his team has maintained a flawless record of 100% SLA compliance over the past year without incurring any financial penalties. Despite the competitive nature of his hospitality role, Tom has developed comprehensive training materials to deepen his team’s understanding of mental health; driven by compassion and care.  

David Pike Securitas UK

David’s continuous contribution to Securitas, along with his exceptional management, has lead to many successes for the team. David implemented a new trial of technology that saved £231,000 for his contract; also guiding and supporting three members of his team to more senior roles. His mentoring, leadership and negotiations are clear examples of his desire to succeed. 

Janet Adderley Mitie

Janet is responsible for managing the security requirements at the Northfield Shopping Centre, acting as a point of contact and providing a duty of care. Within the past year, Janet bravely engaged in conversation with a man wielding an axe, calming the individual down and preventing a potentially life-threatening incident; proving her commitment and passion towards public safety.

James Bradley Mitie

Since September 2021, James has successfully managed the Co-op Crime & Intelligence Team; protecting stores and colleagues from prolific offenders and organised crime groups. James also drives communication and collaboration with senior police stakeholders, OPAL, and the NBCC to ensure that Co-op's challenges and escalations are addressed appropriately. 

Ian Kennedy STM Group

In Ian’s short time during STM Group, he has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to the organisation. Through dedication, leadership and exceptional performance, Ian’s efforts in recruiting and training a team of TSOs has set the standard of excellence; hosting significant accomplishments, including the successful spotting of an individual carrying a firearm – subsequently leading to their arrest.

Ross Harvey Rockfort Secure

With a remarkable track record in the realm of security and risk management, Ross has a deep understanding of security challenges spanning physical, cyber and enterprise domains. His stand-out worrk integrates cutting edge technology, such as AI-driven surveillance systems, enhancing threat detection and analysis capabilities.  

Derek McWhinnie Securitas UK

After joining Securitas in 2023, Derek immediately set out a plan focusing on three key areas: governance, communication, and incident response; all significant changes for the BAE Systems account. Derek's leadership has brought about a major turnaround, implementing a decision-making model to assist his team in making well-founded decisions.

Mark Murphie SecuriGroup

Through a strong attention to detail, Mark mobilised the INEOS FPS contract by immersing himself into the role. By meticulously coordinating security measures, Mark provided a sense of safety during and after the Climate Camp Scotland protests, ensuring all crucial information was relayed to relevant personnel.

Alexander Ramsay Securitas UK

Alex's dedication to ensuring the standard and competence of our security officers and supervisors is exceptional. His unparalleled expertise and dedication have not only earned recognition from Securitas’ existing customers but have also attracted a new business opportunity. His commitment to training and development, and unwavering dedication is admirable. 

Martin Tweed Dyson

Martin’s commitment to excellence is unwavering; meticulously planning, proactively appreciating risk and continuously training to strive for the highest levels of safety. He stays informed on emerging threats and is always looking at employing innovative strategies, safeguarding assets and fostering a culture of trust and confidence within the organisation. 

Daniel Pike NG Bailey

Daniel is an award-winning security professional whose ongoing commitment to maintaining and improving industry standards has identified major gaps in security and HSE. From turning around poor performing contracts, ensuring welfare, providing assistance for mental health, promoting EDI and providing employment opportunities, Daniel’s dedication and excellence has and will continue to shape the industry.

Paul Arnill MBE OCS Group

Paul has shown outstanding leadership, revamping the Atalian Servest Control Room team by meeting members individually to bring positive change to a team that has not had any direct management. Through this, the team was transformed from disjointed and disillusioned to entirely successful, hitting an average KPI of 99.88% despite the setbacks he faced.

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