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Innovative Security Project - your finalists for 2024

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Electronic DOB


Initially starting off as a way towards paperless control rooms, the Electronic DOB is now a national dashboard that collates incident data from all security contracts. This tracks incident types all the way down the hour of the day, where they occur and where they have impacted. 

Person on Track Detection

Commend UK

As part of Transport for London’s commitment to improve platform and commuter safety, they approached Commend UK to trial an innovative AI vision solution to monitor people on track, abandoned luggage and overcrowding. This system sends an alarm with visual playback and data on event type, location and urgency level. 


CSL Group

With the PTSN due to be switched off, CSL have created VoiceLink – an innovative solution for lift alarms. This solution maintains business continuity and ensures public safety is not compromised by converting PTSN calls to 4G VoLTE, ensuring analogue systems are future-proofed and voice calls can continue. This bridges the gap between old and new technology.

Credentials In Apple Wallet


In collaboration with SwiftConnect, HID created mobile access to office doors, elevators, turnstiles and other building amenities at Broadgate through iPhone, Android and other wearable devices with British Land. This delivers a seamless access experience with strong security and operational efficiency.

CCTV Temperature Monitoring & Detection System

Securitas UK

To tackle the risk of spontaneous combustion in the laundry sector, Securitas UK created a temperature camera that can detect ‘maximum heat’ and ‘rate of rise’ temperatures readings. This camera has a direct view of storage containers, creating an early warning detection system to prevent potential risks of fires. If an alert is picked up, it is immediately sent to an ARC.

Immersive Simulation for Responding to Terrorism

Movement Strategies

With the rise in terrorist attacks, Movement Strategies created a brand-new tool to stimulate human responses. This enables owners and operators of crowded places to plan their security response to attack scenarios, and test mitigation options in their overlay designs. This provides a training tool to practice roles and responsibilities.

Shop Steaming

Selectamark Security Systems

In partnership with Three, SelectaDNA, a unique forensic marking solution that enables user to mark and identify property and criminals, was implemented across all London stores. Each store received a SelectaDNA kit, along with warning cards on shelving and podiums where phones are displayed. This is to counteract steaming and other organised crime. 


Safe Tech

The HESTIA project integrates fire alarms, cameras and sophisticated house safety sensors to provide excellent home protection to its users. This comprehensive solution streamlines the user experience by combining three pivotal technologies into one solution, allowing users to have home safety at their fingertips. This sets a new standard for intelligent, secure living spaces.

Improving email security & reducing human error


To improve data security, Zivver allows the transfer of protected documents of any size, getting them where they need to be with the utmost safety. By enhancing email, Zivver provides enhanced encryption and makes for a safer method of communication for a multitude of local authorities.  

Leak Detection System


When a leak went undetected and caused severe damage to an Artios client, they knew they had to provide an innovative solution. An integrated system was created, that notifies any leak to mobile devices and provides instant alerts, enabling swift response and mitigation of any potential damages. 

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