Best Use of Technology

Successful combination of security personnel and technology is becoming an increasingly important element of the fight against crime. This award recognises the individual operative or team of operatives who have made the most effective use of technology in undertaking their duties.

This could be a CCTV operator or supervisor who has had a major impact on reducing crime rates; an individual or group involved in responding to alarms; individuals involved in internal security systems, e.g. access control, CCTV, and/or who have been involved in the process of introducing a new system.

The achievement must have taken place between 30 November 2018 and 31 December 2019 inclusive. This form must be completed and returned by

1 May 2020, including any additional documents.

PLEASE NOTE: before submitting this entry please contact your client for whom your nominee works for (or third party) to obtain a short statement on

on why they officer deserve an award. This outline should complement your  summary by giving slightly different examples, expanding on areas that
the member company has mentioned in passing, or highlight achievements of which the member company may have only limited knowledge.


Please attach at Question 5 in this webform.

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