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Best Team - your finalists for 2024


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Westfield Stratford Security Team Mitie

With over one-million guests per week, the Westfield Stratford team deals with a wide range of incidences from anti-social behaviour to mental health concerns. The team responded to over 6,700 incidents in the past year, including over 300 aggravated or violent crimes; all whilst ensuring they remain composed, professional and welcoming. Their support has saved many individuals from endangerment. 


MGS Area 8 Team Ministry of Defence

The MGS team work together seamlessly and excellently to provide an exemplary service. Their “one team approach” enables them to deal with challenges in large-scale events; including the Coronation of King Charles III. Through their commitment, they cover additional duties and maintain business-as-usual security objectives, highlighting their excellence in security services.

WMCA Control Room MAN Commercial Protection

The Control Room operates around the clock, with 2500 cameras spanning across four local authorities. The team of 17 work tirelessly in challenging and high-pressure situations, not limited to suicide, murder, firearm incidents and mugging. Due to their diligence and professionalism, their invaluable contributions have kept the West Midlands safer and more secure. 

CBRE Derby Security Team Samsic UK

On behalf of Firstsource, the CBRE team improved visibility and effectiveness through their mobilisation plan. Due to their effective communication, necessary training and targeted recruitment, the team has significantly improved site safety with strength of service, robust management and a working relationship with the client where issues are dealt with promptly. 

B&Q Store Detectives Mitie

Amid increasing violence, weapon use and criminal determination in avoiding apprehension, the B&Q team always prioritise the safety of the public through regional swarming efforts, detective work and stability. They continue to showcase high performance, preventing crime and ensuring any offences are dealt with properly.

Silverburn Security Team SecuriGroup

The team at Silverburn have driven outstanding performance by combining a commitment to service, developing a proactive approach, daily training, leadership, community collaboration, and decision-making. Their dedication to Silverburn's reputation as a safe shopping destination is a testament to their professionalism and effectiveness.

Templars Square Shopping Centre Westgrove Group

The tremendous work of the Templars Square team not only protects the shopping centre, but the local area surrounding it; assisting the public and remaining calm and professional even in provoking situations. Despite some harrowing incidents, the team supports one another and excels in their profession to the highest level. 

Centre:mk Security Team OCS Group

The 14 person team at Centre:mk deal with a range of circumstances, including anti-social behaviour. Due to their communication, collaboration, resolutive skills and calm nature, instances have been effectively dealt with. In one instance, the team effectively dealt with an incident involving over 50 unruly youths; prioritising the safety of the public and showcasing their effective security skills.

Dyson Inhouse Security Team Dyson

The security team at Dyson has risen to prominence through dedication, innovation and commitment to excellence. As security threats are ever-evolving, the team has fostered a culture of improvement and development through regular training sessions, workshops and industry certifications; ensuring the team remains at the forefront of best practices in security. 

Xscape Security Team MAN Commercial Protection

The security team for this popular destination are trained to the highest standard, even being selected by Yorkshire Police to trial property marking technology. They have responded to a range of anti-social behaviour incidents, medical incidents and emergency incidents. Their exceptional teamwork often takes them out of their comfort zone, yet they always provide a smooth, thorough service.

OCS Control & CCTV Team OCS Group

Despite not having any direct leadership for two years, the team weathered the storm and greeted newcomers with welcome arms through a management change. Through this, they have trained for various skills of the job, not only adapting to sudden changes but embracing them to become Security Analysts.

SNAP Access & Security SNAP

Dedicated to constant improvement, the SNAP team have taken it upon themselves to expand their knowledge within their training; ensuring they understand the latest technological developments including AI. They also provide recommendations to clients through this knowledge, ensuring advice is up-to-date and advanced.  

HMRC Cardiff Security Team Mitie

The HMRC Cardiff team epitomises the need for consistency, showcasing exemplary service to the site and customers despite challenging situations. They are readily available to assist anyone that needs help, performing to an extremely high standard to ensure the site remains safe and secure for everyone involved.

Belfast Harbour Security Team Bidvest Noonan

The Belfast Harbour is a busy place for economic transactions, facing significant security issues including theft and terrorism. The team have a difficult job of keeping everything running smoothly, whilst ensuring everybody’s safety. Throughout their work, they provide a welcoming experience and are dedicated to being the best, even when things get tough.

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